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Tal Photographed By Joseph Vessey For

Blurred Lines


This project is a fashion

and graphics merge. 


I created a zine which I

art directed a shoot for.

I also styled, photographed and then designed the zine itself. 


The zine depicts the blurred lines between masculine and feminine fashion/ fashion trends. 


On the day of the shoot I realised Tal, my model still look extremely masculine and if anything more 

masculine when in the

female labels/ outfits which

showed me that the 

clothes your wear don't represent your gender identity.  


I planned a few of my looks with high fashion in mind, which is much more androgynous and gender fused than usual styles.


Men can be scared to 

experiment with their clothes but only because of social norms, women wear pants everyday, so why can a man not wear

a dress? Well the answer is, You can. You can wear anything you want it doesn’t change you.

Home. Joseph Vessey. Graphic Communication is integral to a brand’s success. Design creates a window into the inner mind of a brand, creating a bond between the creator and the client.

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